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icon not found A hardware and software manufacturer with deep technology expertise in designing, deploying and operating IoT edge computing solutions.

icon not found Fuelics pioneers in developing sensors and platforms for metropolitan scale smart city deployments specializing in diesel, water and septic tank monitoring, roadside parking space occupancy management, as well as, electricity and water consumption reporting.

icon not found Our end-to-end solutions can be deployed at a massive scale on the cloud or on premises anywhere in the world and can seamlessly integrate with existing platforms and services.

Our Vision

Leverage technology to change our behavior towards a more sustainable use of our planet's resources.

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We provide a range of battery-operated NB-IoT devices for distance measurement using radar or ultrasonic sensors. Leveraging edge computing technology, our devices can be programmed to report real-time alerts for zone level changes, sudden level rise or drop and movement. Our devices have been used in a multitude of applications such as diesel tank monitoring and delivery optimization, water and waste water tank management, septic tank and manhole overfill advance warning.
Our NB-IoT loggers are designed to connect over wire to any type of smart-meter with pulse or M-Bus ECO (EN 13757-3) output. A single logger can support up to 4 smart meters of the same or heterogenous types. Using edge computing technology, the device can report water flow data and real time alerts for leakage and pipe breakage, while providing a battery life of 10+ years.
A robust NB-IoT solution for smart city roadside occupancy projects with extended battery life. Our radar and magnetometer equipped devices can provide accurate occupancy information of parking spaces. With the Bluetooth vehicle tag add-on, correlation of the vehicle and the parking space can be provided for applications such as designated accessible parking or EV charging spaces. For anti-parking applications our low-profile magnetic sensor is almost impossible to notice once installed.

A skilled team passionate with technology and innovation dedicated in industrializing robust end-to-end solutions that can be deployed at massive scale around the world with minimal rollout and operational overhead. Our in-house hardware and software expertise guarantees robust and interoperable turn-key solutions for our partners and customers.


Incorporated in 2019, Fuelics aimed to develop the first ever battery-operated NB-IoT exponential fuel management sensor for stationary diesel tanks. Our first prototype was realized in the early days of NB-IoT and monitored the fuel usage of a base station's stationary tank in a remote location.

Since then, our product portfolio has expanded exponentially and currently includes NB-IoT battery operated sensors for applications in diesel tank monitoring and delivery optimization, water and waste water tank management, septic tank and manhole overfill advance warning, roadside parking and anti-parking including accessible and EV charging spaces and data loggers for a wide range of smart meters.

Along with our partners and customers, we have embarked ourselves in a digital transformation journey transitioning from a hardware only manufacturing company to an end-to-end IoT solution provider, building in addition to hardware, in-house software and native mobile applications.

Our API-first design philosophy allows the seamless integration of our products with external platforms and services enabling our partners and customers to provide cutting edge end-to-end solutions tailor- made for the specific needs of each project.

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We are delighted to assist you with product demonstrations and provide information about our NB-IoT sensors. Additionally, we welcome opportunities for partnerships allowing you to become a valued collaborator in our journey.

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